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AlgoExpert Comprehensive Review


Overview of AlgoExpert

AlgoExpert is an excellent resource to prepare for your software engineering technical interview. It features 100 of the best programmer interview questions in nine different languages: JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, Swift, Kotlin, C++, Java, C#, and Go. Other features include access to a crash course in data structures, an interactive code editor, and video walkthroughs for each question.

While AlgoExpert is a powerful tool, you must come to the platform with a background in basic programming, as there is no community support, so if you are looking for forums, this is not the resource for you.

Features of AlgoExpert

AlgoExpert features 100 hand-picked questions to help you prepare using the best interview coding questions. They also feature over 70 hours of video explanations to help you understand algorithms in a simulated virtual environment. Each question is paired with a two-part video explanation to help you understand the content in a different format. 

Algoexpert Review

The main topics covered in AlgoExpert include coding interview questions, interview tips, data structures crash course, advice for behavioral interviews, binary search trees, linked lists, strings, Big O notation, and more space-time complexity analyses. 

AlgoExpert Review

One of the best features of AlgoExpert is it provides solutions for programming questions in 9 popular programming languages including:

  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • Swift
  • C++
  • Java
  • C#
  • Go
  • Kotlin
  • Typescript

This is especially helpful if you have knowledge of the included coding languages or prefer one language over another. 

AlgoExpert also offers four curated assessments that are timed and have multiple questions. These are meant to mimic what a real coding interview may be like and are filled with different difficulty levels. 

After completing all questions, you are also able to earn a certificate to showcase your coding-interview readiness.

One other feature is the ability to conduct mock coding interviews on AlgoExpert. The platform will pair you with other people to complete mock coding interviews on a shared workspace, allowing you to go through a coding interview right on AlgoExpert.

Finally, you can type out your code directly in the code-execution environment for algorithm problems. This is helpful as you can also run them against their test cases right on the platform for immediate feedback. 

Who is AlgoExpert for?

People who can benefit from using AlgoExpert are software engineers practicing for a technical interview for landing their first tech job. AlgoExpert focuses on common questions in these assessments and is especially helpful in providing extra help for software engineers who are less experienced in data structures and algorithms. 

AlgoExpert Pricing

AlgoExpert Pricing

The pricing for AlgoExpert is based on one-year access. The lowest tiered rate is $79 and is for SystemsExpert. This price point features 10 of the best systems interview questions, a course on systems design, a glossary of design terms, video explanations, a certificate of completion, and timed quizzes.

The next tier is $99. It includes 100 of the best coding interview questions, two-part video explanations, space-time complexity analyses, code solutions in 9 languages, certificate of completion, a crash course on data structures, four timed-coding assessments, and unlimited mock coding interviews.

A combined package of both AlgoExpert and SystemsExpert is available for $139 and offers everything of both tiers. This package is meant to help you to prepare for your technical software engineering interviews thoroughly.

AlgoExpert Reviews and Ratings

The reviews for AlgoExpert are relatively positive but come from people affiliated with the platform. While some users found that the content was limited, others felt this benefited as the content was streamlined. Overall, users think that AlgoExpert videos are well-produced and offer helpful tips for solving that particular question. However, some felt that videos on the types of problems could also be found for free on Youtube. Thus, many people recommend combining alternatives such as Leetcode with AlgoExpert for a complete guide to studying for an interview. 

Another area of concern with users was that AlgoExpert does not offer refunds, which has made more than one user angry who requested a refund for the same-day purchase. 

Alternatives to AlgoExpert

Alternatives to AlgoExpert include:

  • Interview Cake: A great study tool helps people understand how to think about technical questions to do well in their interviews.
  • HackerRank: Is an alternative with software engineering technical interview questions. Many companies use HackerRank for their technical assessments, so being familiar with the platform during your practice is a great way to feel more comfortable. 
  • Leetcode: Is one of the most well known with over 1000 questions and a discussion board for further help.
  • An excellent way to practice mock interviews with software engineers from top tech companies. 
  • Pramp: This is another excellent resource for mock interview prep for software engineers.
  • Coderbyte: Offers a mix of free and paid resources for software engineers who need additional practice.
  • CodeChef: It is a great free online community and platform to practice software engineering technical questions for various skills and topics.
  • CodeKata: Is the place to prep if you are looking to solve real work problems. Their challenges are the most similar to requests from actual tech companies.
  • CheckiO: Features exercises in Python and Javascript on various coding levels and is free for practice in these coding languages. 


AlgoExpert is an excellent tool for software engineers who are not well-versed in data structures and algorithms. The addition of recorded video with steps to solve the problems will help you need extra guidance. However, there is no additional help for technical questions, behavioral questions, resume optimization, or soft skills that you may need to be successful in your software engineering interview. The platform also lacks space for users to ask questions they may have to experts directly.

If you are looking for a platform that prepares you for technical and soft skill questions, this is not the platform you should use. AlgoExpert is best leveraged in understanding data structure and algorithms. The addition of many different coding languages allows its users to be diverse in their backgrounds and solutions. 

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