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Comprehensive Review of Coderbyte


Coderbyte Overview

Coderbyte is a paid resource that focuses on both technical and mock interview prep for software engineers for leading tech companies. The platform focuses on teaching you how to answer the questions by providing improvement recommendations and predictive interview success scores. You can also practice with over 300 challenges and have access to actual interview questions. The Coderbyte community also offers the opportunity to discuss solutions and video solutions from senior developers.

What does Coderbyte do?

Coderbyte has a variety of resources to help you prepare for your software technical interview through challenges, video tutorials, interview kits, and mock interviews. Coderbyte offers a full-screen editor on their platform to help you solve the challenges and practice in over ten programming languages and validation of the solutions right on the platform as well.

Coderbyte has over 300 challenges encompassing a variety of difficulty levels and languages. Featuring more than 1 million solutions from the Coderbyte community, as well as select video solution walkthroughs from in-house expert developers at Coderbyte, will help you understand how to solve the challenges and find a solution.

Solution guides are included with your paid subscription and have solutions from other developers in the Coderbyte community. This will help you improve your skills by learning from others who solved the same challenges. 

You can also monitor your progress through progress reports with every challenge you complete. Throughout the challenge, you will be awarded points, badges, and how you rank against other developers.

The video tutorials focus on helping you understand and explore new concepts to figure out how to solve a challenge or ace an upcoming interview. The library of videos come from in-house Coderbyte developers that focus on what you need to know for the given challenge to find a solution. 

The platform also offers interview kits to help you prepare for coding interviews from top tech companies using their curated selection of challenges, solutions, and interview prep videos and articles. These resources will help you be ready for your software engineering technical interview. Interview kits are available by topic and by company to focus on what you need to succeed.  Other starter courses are also available to help you understand algorithms, JavaScript, Python, and Ruby.

Coderbyte also offers simulated, timed mock interviews that can help you prepare for your next interview, whether it is remote or in-person.

Coderbyte is also available for employers. The platform on helping employers to screen, interview, and assign take-home projects for software engineers. All plans include unlimited candidates, assessments, and user accounts. Screening allows candidates to go through automated challenges; interviewing allows for remote code pairing and the use of take-home assignments for your best candidates.  

Who is Coderbyte for?

Coderbyte is useful for software engineers looking for technical interview prep. Coderbyte is also available for employers who are looking to hire software developers. The platform features language-based interview questions and technical interview questions for specific companies. Less advanced users can also take 1-week free courses in Ruby, Python, JavaScript, and algorithms. 

Coderbyte Pricing

Coderbyte offers two different types of pricing: subscription pricing and one-time payments. The monthly subscription is offered at $35 per month, and the annual subscription is $150 per year. Both options offer you the chance to cancel at any time. You can cancel your subscription under settings, where there is an option to cancel. 

The one-time payment option offers 14-day access for a one-time payment of $29 and 90-day access, a one-time fee of $79. The one-time payment does not need you to cancel the subscription as your access to the materials will cease after the time period you purchased has passed.

After your subscription is over, you will still be able to log in and view all your completed challenges. However, the platform does not offer any refunds. You can get a feel for the platform by solving the free challenges and can cancel your subscription at any point.

Coderbyte Reviews and Ratings

Coderbyte has overall positive reviews. Users found the platform easy to use and have the content they need to succeed in technical software engineering interviews. The platform allows software engineers and developers through a collaborative community that shares knowledge and solutions. One of the most praised features of Coderbyte is its combination of in-house developer solutions and user-submitted solutions. This helps users learn from a variety of styles.

Overall, Coderbyte is valued for its structured challenges and solutions. Still, if you are looking to learn more technical skills, other free services online could be used instead of paying for a subscription.

Alternatives to Coderbyte

  • Interview Cake: Offers programming interview questions for technical software engineering interviews. Focuses on helping you frame how you think about problems and includes an answer to every question. 
  • AlgoExpert: Focuses on helping you prepare for coding interviews for software engineers through video explanations and hand-picked questions.
  • HackerRank: Used commonly by companies to identify and hire software developers around the world. Developers use the platform to practice questions to prep for what they may be asked in interviews as a candidate. 


Coderbyte is an excellent resource for software engineers looking to practice their technical interviews at top tech companies. The challenges are structured to help users develop new skills and practice areas they want to review. Combining solutions from the community and Coderbyte developers makes this an excellent resource for all learning styles. The interview kits for top tech companies also help set Coderbyte apart from other free technical interview prep resources.

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