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Contents Overview helps you get interviews at top companies without using your resume, applying, asking for references, or even needing to talk to recruiters. offers mock practice technical and behavioral interviews that can lead to real ones at top companies like Facebook or Google if you do well on the practice. You will start off doing anonymous practice technical interviews and receive feedback from senior software engineer, there is also the option to practice behavioral interviews as well. You can then book interviews with top tech companies after you are comfortable. The interviews are anonymous, but you can unmask yourself if you do well, and this will count as your technical phone screen. You can also request someone from a specific company. also offers free and paid features depending on your needs.

How Does Work? focuses on prepping software engineers for interviews and full users of the platform can practice with real engineers from and tech companies, including Google and Facebook. However, the interviews are anonymous, so the engineer does not know the user’s identifying information. Review

After completing the practice interviews, users can participate in real interviews given by senior engineers. The interview you just conducted would then serve as your technical phone screen, and you would move onto the next step of the interview process. ratings’s goal is to improve your technical and behavioral interview skills by using the kinds of questions you would encounter at top companies and allow you to become familiar with them in an anonymous low-pressure setting.

Using the platform can allow you to get your foot in the door at top companies. If you do well in practice, you can receive invitations to interview anonymously with companies right on the platform. After completing the interview, you can unmask yourself and count it as your technical phone screen. The next step would be an onsite interview. testimonials

Their interviews focus on CS fundamentals, data structures, algorithms, and systems design. Questions are similar in subject matter and technical difficulty to the questions you would find in a real technical interview at a top company for a backend or full-stack role.

Interviews have voice, but no video, and the interviewer will not be able to access your information. In this regard, how much you reveal is up to you. You are also guaranteed not to be paired with anyone you work with. You can watch a few examples of their interviews here.

Who is for?

The platform is meant to be used by software engineers looking to practice for technical or behavioral interviews through full-length practice courses and real mentorship sessions. To be successful using, you must have the background experience and skills necessary to get the job you are looking for. 

To be most successful using, you may want to already have some level of experience with technical interviews. Before using the platform, you will want to work with some example problems on your own to understand the format. These can be found on several other resources, both paid and free, to practice algorithmic problems at your own pace with the individualized help you need. Pricing offers two tiers: free and premium. The free tier provides practice for interviews. Historically, this was the only tier offered at, but due to COVID-19, they are now offering a premium tier. Previously, the platform offered free interviews by paying senior engineers to conduct interviews and made money by placing users at companies. Once hiring picks back up again after COVID-19, they plan to resume completely free practice across the board again.

Premium interviews cost between $100 and $200 depending on if they are algorithmic or system design based and whether you want an interview from a specific company. They also offer a full refund if you are unhappy with your interview(s). Reviews and Ratings

The ratings for are positive, with many reviews talking about how the platform helped them find a job. Many reviews also praise how the platform can help others through mock interviews and ultimately help change the perception of recruiting in the tech industry. Users on both the interviewer and interviewee side liked that the platform offered mock interviews and the interview opportunity to count as a phone screening interview. The platform’s use of anonymity also has promoted female and minority users to practice using mock interviews. Around 20% of users of are female, which is much higher than the overall percentage of women working in software engineering. This was another selling point for users and companies for to help level the playing field in software engineering. Alternatives

  • Tech Mock Interview: This allows you to select an interviewer from a list of top companies based on a specific interview type. You can then complete the mock interview and receive reliable feedback on your performance. This platform is intended to help you improve based on the provided feedback to do well on your real interview.
  • Pramp: Useful for practicing mock interviews among peers. Features real time practice with full interview questions as both the interviewer and interviewee. Offers six different interview types from data structures and algorithms to system design.

Conclusion allows users to participate in mock interviews along with an opportunity-matching platform for software engineers with experience. The platform also gives you anonymous actionable feedback during your interview practice with senior engineers. You can book real, anonymous job interviews with an engineer from the company you select when you are ready. While mock interview prep is free for the candidate, the new model will require you to pay for the premium experience of matching with interviews at companies. They also offer full mentorship sessions as well as full-length courses to prepare for both technical and behavioral interviews. In the future, hopes to return to its original price of free for candidates. 

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