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Review of Big Interview as a Tool for Interview Practice


Big Interview Overview

Big Interview features a full training course and A.I. practice to help prepare you for a job interview. The platform uses the training course to help you understand the content and how to answer various question types and gives you hands-on practice with mock interviews tailored to your industry, job, and experience level. The training course has ten modules that include video and written training.

What does Big Interview do?

Big Interview is a platform that helps prepare you for interviews. They feature four major topics with video lessons on various sub-topics under each one. Big Interview focuses on prepping you to answer any question thrown at you, fixing your body language, using fillers like “umm” or “uhh,” and giving you the confidence boost good preparation brings.

The four primary topics covered are:

  • Interview Basics
  • Acing Common Interview Questions
  • Behavioral Interview Questions
  • Playbook for Common Challenges

Interview basics cover the information you need, such as what Interview you can expect, what to wear, how to remain calm, and how to sell yourself.

Acing common interview questions covers all industries’ most common interview questions and teaches a step-by-step process to answer them. This section includes sample answers in a straightforward approach and a blueprint for you to come up with your solutions.

Behavioral questions include situational questions that cover how skilled you are at specific job skills. This section covers the most common behavioral questions, including teamwork, leadership, and conflict resolution. 

Playbook for common challenges cores circumstances that may set you apart from the average job seeker. These situations include being a new graduate, transitioning to the workforce from the military, English as a second language, and more. This section focuses on helping you overcome your unique challenges.  

Big Interview also features two different tracks depending on whether you need an accelerated or more in-depth interview prep course. The Fast Track is meant to quickly cover essential tips and most common questions using an organized track for learning and practice if your Interview is tomorrow. The Mastery Track helps you to dive further into the topics for more competitive or challenging interviews.

The curriculum features dozens of videos and written training modules to guide you through each step of the interview process. The platform focuses on helping you answer the most challenging questions confidently and use appropriate strategies to ensure your success. The in-depth lessons and practice interviews scale in difficulty as you progress and interactive mock interviews and sample answers for 1100+ industries. 

Big Interview is unique as it features an A.I.-based practice interview tool to tailor your practice interviews for you on your time. This will help you to become well-rounded in answering your practice questions from behavioral-based or occupational-based interviews.

Who is Big Interview for?

Big Interview is designed to work for anyone at any job interview experience level. The platform is designed to tailor your training for your specific industry, job role, experience level, and time available to prepare. It also features modules for particular challenges you may face, such as a new graduate or transitioning from the military, so it is super helpful for those facing additional challenges in the interview process.

Big Interview Pricing

Big Interview uses monthly subscription pricing, with no long-term commitment, as you can cancel at any time. There is one pricing selection for Big Interview Complete for $79 per month. This includes 24/7 access to all interview training, videos, and mock-interview practice software. This also provides access to the “Fast Track” and “Mastery Track” curriculum, where you can learn and practice on your schedule.

big interview pricing

The platform features a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied with the training or have not seen an improvement in your interviewing, you can simply email them and immediately receive a refund of the purchase. 

Big Interview Ratings and Reviews

The ratings and reviews for Big Interview are generally positive, with many people considering it the “Duolingo” of interview prep. Users enjoyed the combination of the training course and mock interviews to help them prepare. While most users found it very helpful for an initial interview, such as a first-round interview, Big Interview appears to be less useful. The further up you go in the process for more technical questions. Therefore, for technical interviews, additional resources will be needed. Big Interview focuses on improving your interview skills and general questions, but more technical questions will require further research.

Alternatives to Big Interview

  • LinkedIn Learning: Features helpful courses to help you improve in specific areas in your job interview. Most beneficial if you know what you need to improve on and are looking to improve in particular areas.
  • Udemy: Has courses for purchase that can help you prepare for your upcoming job interview. The courses tend to focus on specific skills or target areas and training rather than mock interviews.
  • Coursera: Features paid and free resources for job interview prep. Has training courses to help you improve on things such as interviewing and resume writing.


Big Interview is a useful tool for interview prep and includes both training courses and mock interviews. The platform features modules to help users succeed no matter the industry or skill level and master the common questions interviewers ask. The combination of Big Interview and other technical resources may be needed for technical interviews. Still, the platform includes behavioral interview questions and common interview questions to help you answer questions such as “What is your biggest strength?” or “Tell me about a time you had a conflict with a coworker and how you resolved it.” Big Interview is also helpful for those who face additional challenges in their job search.

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