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Review of Learneroo for Learning Programming



Learneroo offers interactive content that focuses on programming and is broken down from advanced concepts into small challenges to help you fully understand the topic. The platform uses both text and diagrams to help you understand what you need to know. You can also take advantage of hints, comments, and feedback if required when solving a problem. Premium membership also allows you to receive mentor feedback and unlocks additional modules. The content’s goal is to be accessible, easy to reference, and available to find the information as necessary so you can use it whenever you need to. 

What does Learneroo do?

Learneroo offers interactive content on various topics, including Java, Web Development, Programming Practice, Algorithms, Mathematics, and many more. Learneroo also offers contests to help you practice your coding skills and Learn by Example in Python, Javascript, Ruby, Java, and C using example code and challenges in each programming language. 

Some of the content is available for free on the platform, but other content is “premium” and requires an additional membership to view. 

The content on Learneroo is further broken down from core subjects into other subtopics. With a premium membership, you will be able to view all modules on all topics. 

Learneroo also offers a blog that answers questions on the curriculum, information on the platform, and information about specific programming languages. The blog is a great place to check out if you have questions on how to get the most out of Learneroo or what other opportunities are available by using the platform. 

The purpose of Learneroo is to help you learn more by solving programming problems as part of the learning process. Learneroo also focuses on learning through discovery by going through advanced concepts through smaller challenges to help you fully understand the topic. You can also choose what you learn and when you learn it by going through the modules, you think are the most helpful. Additionally, Learneroo focuses on providing you information to skim, review, and reference when you need it. With it, you will learn the fundamentals and have vital information when you need it. 

Learneroo also uses educational content beyond videos and text by offering challenges to help you explore code and formulas interactively. A mentor is also available to give you feedback when you are stuck and make sure you are making progress. 

Who is Learneroo for?

Learneroo is meant for users of all skill levels looking to learn new programming skills or brush up on their old ones. The platform is meant for software engineers and programmers who may need to brush up on their skills for a technical interview. The challenges offered on Learneroo can help you prepare for the interview questions you may encounter as well. Users of Learneroo who know what they are looking to get out of the platform will have the best result as the content is mainly self-directed on what you need to learn.

Learneroo Pricing

Learneroo offers both monthly and yearly memberships. The monthly membership is $20 per month and will auto-renew each month but can be canceled at any time. The yearly membership is $120 per year and is discounted by 50% compared to the monthly rate. The yearly membership is priced then at $10 per month but is auto-renewed each year and can be canceled at any time. 

learneroo pricing

Enrolling as a member of Learneroo, gives you unlimited access to their content and challenges. Learneroo also offers a satisfaction guarantee, as you can cancel up to one week after becoming a member and receive a full refund. You can also receive a refund on the time remaining if canceling after one week. 

Membership benefits include unlimited use of Learneroo as you can submit as many answers as you want, premium content downloads, fill access to all content and challenges, and can also receive occasional help in the comments from mentors. 

Learneroo Ratings and Reviews

Ratings and reviews are high for Learneroo, with users feeling its Data Structures and Algorithm topics being the strongest for the platform. Users also liked the addition of challenges, but some felt that they might be too easy. Other users recommended using an alternative such as Coding Jam if you are looking for something incredibly challenging. Learneroo is recommended for people looking to practice coding and who want accessible challenges with good tutorials to help them if they are stuck. The free content is also rated highly, but users felt that going premium was the most useful platform. 

Alternatives to Learneroo

  • Courseroot: This is a platform for finding the best online course for your needs. You can filter through online courses based on the level of difficulty, price, hours of content, and certificate quality. The courses currently integrated into the system are Coursera, edX, Futurelearn, Khan Academy, Udemy, Springboard, and Skillshare. This is great if you are looking for a course on a particular topic and features easily searchable courses to fit your needs.
  • QuickCode: Features free online programming courses in various languages on programming, web development, and mobile development. This platform helps you to find the best tutorials on topics related to big data, web, mobile, database management, data science, and more. This is a great free alternative. 


Learneroo is an excellent platform for software engineers and programmers alike looking to update or practice their skills. The platform offers a variety of topics and challenges. To access all of the content, you must pay for a premium membership, but one unique part is they will refund you the entire cost within one week of purchase or for the time remaining. Accessing the rest of the content will also allow you to have mentor feedback, which is very helpful if you are stuck on a challenge. The major topics covered by Learneroo are Java, Web Development, Programming Practice, Algorithms, and Mathematics. The platform also offers Learn by Example in Python, Javascript, Ruby, Java, and C.

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