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Review of Pluralsight for Skill Development


Pluralsight Overview

Pluralsight offers online learning on technology-related topics, including IT, Data, Information, Cyber Security, and many more. The courses are self-paced and include resources on only the most updated technology. The platform works on a subscription service for both personal and business use. However, Pluralsight does offer a ten-day free trial that will help you determine if it is for you. Additionally, Pluralsight offers Skill IQ and Role IQ to help you develop and track your skillset for different topics and role types.

What does Pluralsight do?

Pluralsight is a platform that aims to assist you in developing skills through technology using assessments, learning paths, and courses made by industry experts. The goal is to focus on individual skills related across roles, speed up release cycles, and build secure, reliable products for the company you work for. 

What does pluralsite do?

Pluralsight offers several different applications to leverage your skills and deliver on a technology strategy. Skill IQ will help you index tech skills across an organization by identifying knowledge gaps using skills assessments. This will help you understand where to start and develop the most necessary skills on not wasting time on what you already know. Role IQ will also help you to upskill employees into modern tech roles by showing what skills team members will need to succeed and where skill gaps exist in a particular role. This will help you to prepare for projects without slowing down progress. Role IQ helps quantify your technical proficiency in a specific role by measuring your knowledge in relevant skills and determining what skills you need to work on.

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Using skill analytics, you can help to build a fluid team with the right skills for the project and see how people are improving over time. Advanced role analytics helps determine if people have the skills needed for individual role levels and skill proficiencies. 

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Pluralsight uses over 1,500 authorities to teach the latest technologies and processes and includes courses on cloud, microservices, machine learning, security, Agile, and more. You can also develop and apply skills in record time using personalized course recommendations from Iris. Iris is an intelligent skill development algorithm that helps guide you with the skills you need now. The more you learn, the more Iris learns about you and can help create a smarter, personalized skill development journey.

The courses are also interactive and help you to practice as you learn. The use of video tutorials and in-browser coding challenges designed by level will help you start where you feel comfortable. Pluralsight also recognizes incorrect code, provides hints, error messages, and helps guide you to the answer when needed.  

Who is Pluralsight for?

Pluralsight is for people looking to develop technical skills related to Software Development, IT Ops, and Information and Cyber Security. The courses are organized into three levels of Novice, Proficient, and Expert, and this will help you determine which courses are best for you. Pluralsight also offers personal and business accounts, which can also help you develop the technical skills you need tomorrow. 

Pluralsight is meant for people looking to develop their skills and get the most of their learning experience. The platform will help you understand what you know and what you do not, so it is an excellent resource for any experience level. It is also incredibly helpful if you are going for a specific role as it offers insight by role and tells you what skills you should work on to have the necessary experience for it.

Pluralsight Pricing

Pluralsight has two personal pricing options: annual and premium. The annual subscription is $299 per year, and the premium subscription is $449 per year.

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Both plans include access to the entire course library, learning paths, channels, course discussions, exercise files, mobile and TV apps, offline viewing, conferences, guides, badges, Skill IQ, Role IQ, and course learning checks. The premium subscription also includes certification practice exams, interactive courses, and projects. 

A 10-day free trial is also available to test Pluralsight. It includes access to expert-led courses, Pluralsight IQ to validate your skill levels with assessments, guided learning, and hands-on learning if using the premium subscription. 

Alternatively, a monthly is also available at the cost of $29 per month and includes the same features as the annual subscription. This is a good option if you are looking to use the platform if fewer than seven months, as this is lower than the cost of the annual subscription. 

pluralsite pricing overview

The team subscription accounts are meant for businesses and cost $579 for a professional account per user per year or $779 for an enterprise account per user per year. The professional subscription is meant for basic reporting and user analytics for teams, and the enterprise account includes the flexibility and advanced analytics needed for an enterprise. 

Ratings and Reviews of Pluralsight

Pluralsight is very well rated, and users find the platform great for learning. Most users enjoy how interactive Pluralsight is and like how detailed the courses are. Some users find it to be expensive, but worth the price. Users also found the free trial helpful in determining if they liked it or not. 

Pluralsight helps you understand what you need to learn and gives an overview of your abilities and limitations. The features it offers help it stand apart from other competitors, and users found that the content well-justifies the cost. It includes a refresher on fundamentals with more advanced courses available.  

Alternatives to Pluralsight

  • LinkedIn Learning: Features courses on a variety of topics, including interview prep and technical skill enhancement. Each course is labeled by skill level, and it includes exercises to help you learn the topic. The content is continually updated and has new courses added each week, so the platform is on top of new technology and skills. 
  • Udacity: Has courses on various topics for several different roles, including data engineering, data analyst, programming, deep learning, and web development. The courses cover all experience levels and take, on average, four months to complete. 
  • Skillsoft: Includes courses on technology and development and has several courses for each topic. This platform focuses on hands-on practice and role-based learning paths and offers boot camps for a more immersive experience. 


Pluralsight is a great resource that offers a wide variety of technology-based courses that allow you to learn at your own pace. They focus on building your skillset and helping you be prepared for a specific role. While they do not offer courses on every topic, their content is personalized using their algorithm Iris. While you will not receive a formal accredited certificate for completing a course, you can focus on gaining skills for a particular job role or topic. Pluralsight is also accessible for both personal and business use. The platform’s Skill IQ and Role IQ set Pluralsight apart from other competitors by helping you understand your abilities and limitations and help you prepare for the role you want.

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